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Iulius Town provides a total of 4,070 parking spaces located in underground parking lots, in a multilevel parking facility, and in over-ground parking lots.

As of April 2018, the people of Timișoara have access to 910 parking spaces in the Iulius Town mixed-use project, located in the first multilevel parking facility in the city and one of the largest of its kind in Romania.

Located next to Iulius Mall Timișoara, the new parking lot is fitted with semi-basement, ground floor and four floors. The clients have direct access into Iulius Mall via two pedestrian walkways that connect the parking facility and the shopping center. The semi-basement level of the parking facility is fitted with bike racks.

A new underground parking facility, on top of which Iulius Gardens was fitted, adds 580 parking spaces to the already existing ones.

In order to streamline traffic and ensure the comfort of its visitors, the mixed-use project is also crossed by a traffic underpass for vehicles, an investment made by companies IULIUS and Atterbury Europe.

MALL PARKING Rules (underground parking, 2 levels, located below Iulius Mall)

MULTILEVEL PARKING Rules (multilevel over-ground parking, 6 levels)

IULIUS GARDENS PARKING Rules (underground parking, 2 levels, located below Iulius Gardens park)

VIP PARKING Rules (over-ground parking, 1 level)

Parking rules for Iulius Town employees (retail)

Parking rules for United Business Center employees (office)

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