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The first mixed-use project in the west of Romania

Iulius Town is the success story of a shopping mall transformed into an ambitious mixed-use project, breathing life into a previously industrial urban area and reconnecting it to the city. IULIUS has been a part of Timișoara for more than 15 years now, a landmark for the residents and a resounding brand name. The development of Iulius Town Timișoara was a natural progression, rooted in our wish to carry on our mission to be relevant for the community and to play an active part in its development.


Now it is the “center” of the city that magnetizes the urban life, as it achieves a perfectly harmonious combination between retail, office, park and entertainment uses, all in a single place. It is a vibrant space that improves community life and puts a signature green spin on social experiences.


Opened in 2019, Iulius Town is the only urban regeneration mixed-use project in the west of Romania, developed by companies IULIUS and Atterbury Europe, as well as one of the the largest investment in the region, adding up to 442 million Euro.


  • 102,000 sqm retail, largest retail area outside of Bucharest
  • 450 stores, coffee shops and themed restaurants
  • 12 movie auditoriums * the first VIP cinema concept (dinner and movie, all inclusive) outside of the Capital
  • fitness center * semi-Olympic pool
  • kindergarten and primary school
  • park * Venetian carousel * event squares * lake
  • 4 premium office buildings * 82,000 sqm * 50 multinational companies * 9,500 employees
  • 3 event halls * up to 1,000 participants
  • multilevel and underground parking facility * more than 4,000 parking places
  • 800-plus bike parking spaces
  • traffic underpass * two lanes per direction, 200 m long * street art gallery
  • Guinness World Records® certified world record for “Most LED Lights Lit Simultaneously” – 7,235 bracelets lit up at the grand opening in August 2019


The new name and visual identity created for the Iulius Town mixed-use project developed in Timișoara are the product of our collaboration with the innerpride branding agency.

The symbol underlying the new logo was the laurel wreath, as Iulius Group is acknowledged as an innovator in many ways, particularly in urban development projects, having developed two successful mixed-use projects to date: IULIUS TOWN and PALAS.


Iulius Town redefines shopping via style, refinement, color and energy. The people of Timișoara have access to an attractive mix of brands, in line with current fashion trends, and a complete range of services and leisure venues for people of all ages.

Premiering concepts introduced in this region by major names in the fashion industry, cafés and themed restaurants, department stores by notorious retailers, playground areas for children and entertainment for all ages – these are only a few of the elements that transform your visit to the stores into a cosmopolitan experience.



Your lunch break, business meeting or family dinner has a different taste in the dining venues in Iulius Town. In the select atmosphere, clients indulge in a symphony of international cuisine, showcased by the themed design and Western ambiance.

As in major cities around the world, Iulius Town brings together elegant restaurants inviting clients to explore cuisines from around the globe, internationally-inspired cafés, as well as other defining attractions for the cosmopolitan atmosphere.



Iulius Town is the fun and relaxation destination for the entire family. The people of Timișoara enjoy new entertainment concepts and a variety of leisure options, all in a single venue.

Iulius Gardens accommodates a double decker Venetian carousel, trampolines and seasonal skating rink, as well as restaurants and themed cafés with a panoramic view overlooking the green space.

All these are complementary to the indoor leisure destinations: a new concept by Cinema City (All-Inclusive VIP Cinema), a health and fitness center with a semi-Olympic swimming pool by the World Class brand, play areas for children and teenagers, casino, and many other attractions.

Iulius Town is the city in the heart of Timișoara, an effervescent and multicultural-friendly space, infusing energy via its rich and varied offer of events for all categories of the public, ranging from educational and recreational activities for children, cultural events and sports competitions, all the way to themed fairs, festivals and art exhibitions.



Leisure takes on new valences in Iulius Town. This is the venue that brings people together, offering them the chance to enjoy a small escape into nature, as well as urban experiences. That is because this is where they meet, unwind with their families and friends, and attend a variety of events:

  • Fashion events
  • Performances: dance, theater, music
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Film, music, theater, and folklore festivals
  • Activities for children and youth
  • Sports competitions
  • Various fairs: book, crafts, antiques, gastronomy, etc.
  • Art exhibitions, book launch events


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